Eight Young Teens Booked For Burglary

Eight Young Teens Booked For Burglary

By Rebekah Rae. CREATED Jul 27, 2013

Omaha, NE - Eight young teens are in custody after stealing items from a house.  According to police, eight to ten young men were in a home near 36th and Summit just before 2 p.m. Friday.  

When officers arrived to check out the activity, they did not find any suspects in the home.  Nearly three hours later, police were called to the same location for a burglary in progress.  Shortly thereafter, a group of young men were shooting off BB guns, again, near 36th and Summit. 

Officers received more information that the teens ran into a restaurant near 30th and Weber.  Officers found eight young teens that matched the description of those seen burglarizing and shooting off guns.

All eight were questioned. Three 13-year-old's, three 14-year-old's, and a15-year-old and a 16-year-old were booked into the Douglas County Youth Center for burglary.  Five of the eight also had warrants out for their arrests.  One of the teens was booked for criminal impersonation.