Drug Called Molly in Omaha Area


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Drug Called Molly in Omaha Area

By Jennifer Griswold. CREATED Nov 5, 2013

Omaha, NE - The drug called Molly has been around for decades. It's known to give people a cheap high. 

Mike Sanders with the Drug Enforcement Agency says, "we're seeing price per capsule anywhere between $8 and $20 a capsule." He says they're sure the drug is active in the area. 

Cathy Glesman, a former Papillion D.A.R.E officer agrees, "I can imagine you can go to any high school, even in rural Nebraska and find these things."

Molly is short for "molecule." The self-proclaimed club drug is advertised as a pure form of MDMA which is the main ingredient found in ecstasy, but experts say it's anything but pure. 

An undercover officer told KMTV Action 3 News, "we're finding that it's very rarely pure MDMA. At least in the Omaha area. We're finding it's being cut with all sorts of agents, other drugs and sometimes some of the Molly that we're coming across has no MDMA in it at all."

Sanders says it has "everything from rat poisoning, Ritalin, heroin, cocaine, things like that. In reality nobody has any idea what they're getting when they're buying Molly."

It's a felony to be in possession of just one capsule of the drug. 

On KMTV Action 3 News Live at 10 on Wednesday, we will show you how celebrities glorify Molly and how parents need to be vigilant.