Dr. Anthony Garcia Denied Bond

Dr. Anthony Garcia Denied Bond

By Julie Hawkins. CREATED Jul 23, 2013

Omaha, NE - Dr. Anthony Garcia will be held without bond at the Douglas County Department of Corrections until his next court appearance in August.

The former Creighton University resident appeared before a judge at 9:00 a.m. Tuesday morning.  More than a dozen security officers and jail personnel were standing guard inside the jail court area and outside the doors.

Dr. Garcia is accused of killing Shirlee Sherman and Thomas Hunter, in Dundee, back in 2008 and Dr. Roger Brumback and his wife Mary in their home, this past May.

Police believe Garcia was mad about getting fired from Creighton University and the killings were revenge.

Roger Brumback, a Creighton professor, signed off on the termination, along with Thomas Hunter's father.

After reading the Arrest Warrant Affidavit, Judge Lawrence Barrett decided to deny bond to Garcia.

"We think that it definitely was the right decision that he shouldn't be allowed out on bond during the course of the penancy of this case,” said Douglas County Attorney Don Kleine.  “The system will run its course and we're very confident in our case."

The courtroom at the Douglas County Detention Center was filled with security.  Garcia's defense team says he's in segregation and not in contact with other inmates.

"It's reflective of the community's fear of him and want for punishment," Garcia’s Defense Attorney Alison Motta explained.

"Everything is circumstantial we don't have any evidence of him at any house.  We have him in the city of Omaha essentially and owning a similar type weapon and that's about all there is," said Garcia’s Defense Attorney Bob Motta Jr.

The judge granted Garcia's attorneys more access to him because, they say, it's been difficult to communicate with him.  They say they've had a glass window between them while talking, they can't give him paperwork, and security is keeping an eye on him at all times.

"In that sense there is an issue with attorney client privilege as far as the sound, staying confidential and with him being able to assist in his own defense,” Alison Motta described. "Not all the facts have been necessarily reported correctly and I think that as more information comes to light it will flush itself out.”

His next court date is August 14th.