Dozens Hold Candlelight for Immigration Reform


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Dozens Hold Candlelight for Immigration Reform

By Justin Pazera. CREATED Dec 3, 2013

Omaha, NE -- The American Flag rippled in the cold night air, hovering over a group that believes in exactly what it stands for. "It's known for free land for all people, but it's not really technically when you look at the immigration system," said Dieudonne Manirkiza. He's a young refugee from Central East Africa. He came to Tuesday's candle light vigil to show his support in changing immigration laws, something everyone here wants to happen.

Dayana Lopez was brought to America by her parents when she was just three. She hasn't seen her extended family since. Now the 17-year old is weaving through the immigration roadblocks, mainly in Nebraska. Last year, the President signed an executive order, allowing kids like Lopez, called "Dreamers", to stay here legally. The ACLU then filed a lawsuit against Governor Dave Heineman and the Nebraska Department of Motor Vehicles because they will not issue driver's licenses to those Dreamers.
"Because honestly like, that's affecting me big time. Especially since I want to go out of state for college so I have to find some way to find a state I.D," said Lopez. Although the flame will go out, this group says their fight for immigration reform will not. "I feel like America focuses on just Latinos, mainly Mexicans, but it's more, it's the whole world that's migrating over here to the United States," said Lopez.