Dog Kidnapper in Western Iowa?

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Dog Kidnapper in Western Iowa?

By Lindsey Theis. CREATED May 8, 2014

Glennwood, IA-Neighbors in Glenwood, Iowa contacted KMTV Thursday morning after as many half a dozen dogs have gone missing in the past couple of months, and they don't think they wandered off.

Among them, Jill and Kenny Coyle. Early April the couple says their black lab, Brewski, and their other dog, a yellow lab, Gunner, ran off on their neighbor's property. Brewski came home, but Gunner never returned.

"It was half hour, 45 minutes, it was an hour and I was like ok, this isn't normal," Kenny Coyle said.

The two have been searching non stop for their lost pup.

"From Shenandoah to Malvern to Harlan to Red Oak.Omaha, I go to the Nebraska Humane Society every three days," Jill says.

After hearing of other missing dogs in the area, as many as half a dozen in recent months, they've enlisted the help of Hooves and Paws of the Heartland, a rescue and shelter in Glenwood.

"I just know somebody has him," Jill Coyle said.

Owner Genea Stoops fears the worst.

"Did they take him just to become their own pet? You know there's dog fighting rings," she said.

As for Jill Coyle, she says she won't stop. The Coyles say they have filed a report with the Mills County sheriff's office. They told KMTV Gunner is micro-chipped, and they had ordered a GPS tracking collar for him. It arrived two days after he disappeared.

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