Daycare Closed Due To Drug Use And Violations


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Daycare Closed Due To Drug Use And Violations

By Rebekah Rae. CREATED Oct 24, 2013

Omaha, NE - An in-home day care is shut down for having drugs on the  property and that's not the only violation at the house near 60th and Binney.  State inspectors found multiple reasons to revoke the child care license from Danielle's Childcare Academy and give the operator a protective order against children. 

According to an affidavit,  the department of health received a complaint against Danielle's Childcare Academy.  When inspectors made a surprise visit, no licensed adults were caring for kids.  Owner, Danielle Phelps said the daycare was temporarily closed except to a few friends.
The day of the visit, Phelps was out of town and left her 22-year old daughter to watch four children. The affidavit states, when CPS and the Department of Health arrived, no one answered the doors and no one was inside watching the children during nap time.  Her 22-year old daughter was outside smoking a cigarette.  The affidavit states, Phelps's other children were in the garage smoking marijuana.
Phelps doesn't deny her kids were smoking, "my daughter was out on the back porch smoking a cigarette, [CPS] came around to the back and they got hints of marijuana coming from the garage." Outside, Phelps' kids were skipping school and smoking weed near the house.  
Phelps said she's devastated, "When mom's away, the kids will play."  Her family is moving out of state and she was away, signing a new lease.  She left her daughter to watch the kids even though she's not licensed.  She said the parents agreed to let an unlicensed adult watch their children.  "A few friends and families wanted to leave their children here and they were okay with my daughter watching the children."  
The 22-year old also had an outstanding warrant for trespassing.  Phelps said she didn't know about it.
"I take pride in watching other people's kids, I had kids on the waiting list wanting to get in because of the job that I've done with my kids."  
Phelps can reopen the facility in two years but doesn't plan to.  She was going to close the daycare in a month anyway due to relocating.