Council Bluffs School Donates $400 to Hate Crime Victims


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Council Bluffs School Donates $400 to Hate Crime Victims

By Lindsey Theis. CREATED Sep 18, 2013

Council Bluffs, IA-The FBI is on the case of a hate crime in Council Bluffs. Somebody burned a bi-racial family's home. Tonight an act of kindness is shining new light on the story.

The FBI joined investigators from both Council Bluffs police and fire department. Meanwhile,one of the victim's classmates is trying to help.

Police say a Council Bluffs couple is the target of a hate crime. Tuesday afternoon at 27th Street and Avenue A, someone torched the home of a couple, Kevin and Shelly. They requested we didn't report their last name.

The suspects ransacked the home before setting a fire. They also graffitied racial slurs and pornographic images inside, and threw eggs on the walls. Kevin and Shelly are newly engaged. Shelly and her two sons lived at the home for more than three years. Her fiancé has lived there a year. The family is bi-racial. Police are investigating the arson as a hate crime.

Corey Mulvania, 15, goes to school with one of Shelly's sons. He says he doesn't know the family well, but knew he had to help.

"I told students, and then those students told other students, and then it pretty much had spread across the school" he said.

Mulvania took to Facebook to try to get his classmates to raise money. School counselor Pat Nepple, got the faculty to chip in too. All together, they raised $400 for the family.

As far as the case, the lead detective says they're still waiting for evidence to come back from the lab, but they're hoping to get more leads. If you have any info you can call Council Bluffs crime stoppers at 712-328-STOP.