Controlled Burn Too Close for Residents

Controlled Burn Too Close for Residents

By Jake Wasikowski. CREATED Jul 29, 2013

Some northwest Omaha residents got a rude awakening Monday morning when a controlled burn came dangerously close to a home. 

Just after 10am Monday, the Omaha Fire Department responded to an out of control burn.  At least three fire trucks helped get a brush fire and barn fire under control.  OFD says the property developer had burn permits for both the brush and barn, as well as notified dispatch.  But residents living in newer homes about 100 yards away were upset the fire was so close.  The property was recently rezoned to for an apartment complex, and was previously rural land.  Residents couldn't believe what they saw, and felt like this fire was clearly out of control. 

"Why they don't have the money to just hire somebody to come in here and take that brush out rather than trying to burn it down,” said resident Charles Marcinek. "It could've burned some homes down." 

Copper Ridge Development is the company that is building the new development at 167th & Fort St.  They say a subcontractor was burning the brush and barn. 

"I think they probably just got calls from the neighbors so there may not have been an issue at all other than the neighbors weren't aware that this was going to be happening," said Eric Wolfe with Copper Ridge Development. 

In the Nebraska Open Burning Rules, any fire that gets out of control and the fire department has to be called can be subject to legal action.

The Nebraska State Fire Marshal's Office is investigating this burn.  KMTV hasn't been notified if a decision has been made as to if it was done properly.