Community & Coffeehouse Help Injured Omaha Police Officer

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Community & Coffeehouse Help Injured Omaha Police Officer

By Meghan Matthews. CREATED Jul 19, 2014

Omaha, NE - On the corner of 180th and Pacific, a cozy shopping plaza where Stories Coffeehouse is doing more than just selling a cup of joe.

The shop is celebrating its one year anniversary, while taking care of one of its own.

"I'm so appreciative, what every body here at Stories is doing and the customers, how they're coming out and they're wishing me well."

"Stories Coffee House, houses multiple other small businesses that may be interested in starting business but aren't quite ready to get out on their own", said Owner Amber Christ.

One of those small businesses is Black Bottom Biscotti. The owner? Officer Sophia Jordan.
"I'm doing well. I'm still healing but I'm, I'm doing good."
Jordan is still recovering from a knife attack a few weeks ago. She responded to a call on June 27th at the Cubby's in North Omaha. 
A man attacked her with a knife and his fists.
"Sophia brings light to so many people, and she's just a pure joy and sweet spirit and so to be able to bring something to help her family. It's wonderful to give back in that way", adds Christ.
That's why Stories is doing this. With a jar and little bit of green, a fundraiser for Sophia to help her get through the tough times.
"From text messages to gift baskets, I'm truly grateful for. It's just overwhelming how people have come and supported me. "