Changes Coming To Omaha's Snow Emergency Policy


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Changes Coming To Omaha's Snow Emergency Policy

By Joshua Egbert. CREATED Nov 4, 2013

Omaha, NE- Some changes are coming to Omaha's snow plan. It's all because of the complaints residents sent to the mayor's office.

Last year, the city enacted new rules for all streets east of 72nd. Mayor Jean Stothert said she listened to complaints and tweaked that policy.

Falling leaves will soon turn into falling snow, as the Omaha metro prepares for winter.

"There's no excuses, no questions, you get in there, we have 2 shifts where we're hear 24 hours a day." says Street Maintenance manager John Brown.

Public Works crews have been busy getting trucks ready and honing their driving skills.

"They need to get used to the vehicles, get used to the size of the plows, the size of the trucks, making sure they know what the limits are." says Brown.

This will be Jean Stothert's first winter as mayor. She has made some changes to the snow emergency plan, specifically when issuing tickets.

"We will no longer be ticketing cars during the snow emergency between 6pm and midnight." says street maintenance engineer Scott McIntyre.

When the city declares a snow emergency, all parking on streets east of 72nd street must comply with the odd/even parking plan. That means the park on the odd number side of the street on odd calendar days and the even side of the street on even calendar days.

The city says cars in violation will be ticketed, just not between the hours of 6pm and midnight.

"That's in reaction to some of the comments and concerns that we got the last several winters." says McIntyre.

So if you get off work after 6pm and your street has already been plowed, you can park on the plowed side regardless of the odd-even restriction. This keeps someone from having to go outside after midnight, to move their car.

Along with the no ticketing, the Mayor's Hotline will also stay open later during snow emergencies to take comments from residents.