Celebrating Life After Death

Celebrating Life After Death

By Rebekah Rae. CREATED Aug 3, 2014

 Ralston, NE - The dirt on their graves are as fresh as the wounds in the hearts of their family.  Frank and Yvonne Pivonka were laid to rest Saturday.  Even in death, they bring joy.

It was nothing short of a weekend concert.  Head banging guitarists.  A venue packed so tight, patrons were spilling into the parking lot.  Among the high spirits, everyone felt a bit of sorrow.  Frank and Yvonne Pivonka were the life of every party, even this one.  

Their 19-year old daughter Sabrina said this is how her parents would want to go.  "My mom and dad wouldn't be the type of people to mourn, more to celebrate their lives."  

The couple died in a car crash a week earlier.  Authorities found their car in a ditch near West Point.  Family members said the couple never returned home from a concert.

Chrome Lounge organized three days of live music to raise money for the seven Pivonka children, now without parents.  "It's overwhelming almost, just to see random people I don't even know, I've never seen, I don't know their names.   They come up to me and they show their sympathy and their support and it's awesome," said Sabrina.  

She doesn't show her pain.  She's the rock her younger siblings depend on.   "I know I have to stay strong for the two littlest ones." 

Chrome Lounge raised nearly $20,000 for the Pivonkas.  Family members say that money will go towards a college fund for the seven children.

Another benefit is planned for Sunday, August 10 at Stinson park in Aksarben Village.  Frank's band, Sidecar 69 will headline.  The concerts begins at 2 p.m.