Car Wash For A Cause

Car Wash For A Cause

By Rebekah Rae. CREATED Jul 28, 2013

 Omaha, NE - When Jessica Monahan entered the Douglas county drug court program, she didn't realize she would be the one giving help to others.  Before Monahan graduates from the drug program in September, she needed to organize a community service project.  Her project ended up raising money for homeless people in Omaha.

Sunday, Monahan and dozens of her friends hosed down and soaped up car after car in the Panera Bread parking lot near Saddle Creek Road.  Freewill donations were accepted, every penny going towards the Sienna Francis House, a homeless shelter in Omaha.

"I've been in some pretty rough situations in my life," said Monahan, "I know I've depended on others to help me succeed so I thought it would be a good way to give back to the community."  The car wash lasted four hours raising almost $100 per hour for the shelter.  Next week, Monahan will present $395 to the Sienna Francis House.

After the wash, Monahan was surprised with how many folks came out to get a wash and donate money.  "Honestly, I didn't know what to expect.  If left the amount to donate open, I hoped people would be more willing to give."