Boys Town calls rise following Williams' death


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Boys Town calls rise following Williams' death

By Kelly Bartnick. CREATED Aug 12, 2014

OMAHA, Neb. (KMTV) – Boys Town is seeing more calls for help and information following the death of Actor Robin Williams. His publicist found Williams dead in his California home Monday. 


A Boys Town spokesperson said calls to the organization’s national hotline spiked 50 percent Tuesday, attributing the numbers to increased media coverage from Williams’ death. Many of those calling were looking for information about depression and suicide for their loved ones. 

“They gradually make progress upwards, and then they'll drop down. Then they'll make more progress upwards and then more and come down a bit. And finally they get way up there and fall all the way down,” said Randy Hug hell, Omaha representative of the Depression and Bipolar Alliance

Hughell has had his own battle against suicidal thoughts. His mother struggled with Schizophrenia. His father ended his own life. 

“I really had no comprehension how bad the situation was. So, his only way out was taking his own live. And that had a huge impact on me, my siblings, and my family members,” said Hughell. 

He acts as a support group leader through his organization. Hughell said hearing details of the actor’s death augmented his own struggles. 

“It’s just taking a step back for us. And some it is a very, very serious step back,” he said. “And that’s the last thing we need is more things to think about that way and more ways to make plans.” 

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