Boy Expelled for Airsoft Gun Appeals to Millard School Board

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Boy Expelled for Airsoft Gun Appeals to Millard School Board

By Lindsey Theis. CREATED Oct 24, 2013

 Millard, NE--The family of Brandon Eastlack appealed the 14 year-old's expulsion to the Millard School Board Thursday night.

"I'm nervous I really hope this goes well," he said as he walked into the meeting.

Cameras weren't allowed inside the closed meeting. As they were walking in, Barb Eastlack, Brandon's mother, said she hoped the board shows mercy on her son and his friends.

"They didn't knowingly or intentionally mean to cause this. I would hope they'd look at their situation and see that these are good kids, never been in trouble," she said.

Eastlack and two of his friends were playing with an airsoft gun that Brandon had received as a birthday present earlier in October at Grace Abbott Elementary. There was a PTA meeting going on, and someone called the police. The boys were expelled from Kiewit Middle School for a year.

Rebecca Kleeman, Communications Coordinator for Millard Public Schools, couldn't speak specifically on this incident, but says the police states guns, including air soft guns, aren't allowed on school property at anytime. Getting caught is a mandatory one year suspension.

David Eastman, Brandon's father told KMTV Thursday night that each family was able to argue their case. Brandon's mother spoke for about a minute, and the district's attorney was allowed to argue their case.

"The board was very fair, I got the impression they were interested in everybody's opinion," he said.

The school district would not comment on the manner. The board has up to a week to decide to appeal the expulsion, and was still deliberating as of Thursday night.