Bounce House Blows Away With Three Kids Inside

Bounce House Blows Away With Three Kids Inside

By Joe Spadea. CREATED May 14, 2014

SOUTH GLENS FALLS, N.Y. – Police in South Glens Falls said two boys suffered serious injuries, including head trauma, after a bouncy house went airborne.

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The toy bouncy house was set up by a neighbor of the family, whose home is located at a Ferry Boulevard townhouse. Witnesses said the house was secured to the ground prior to the accident and went airborne with the motor still attached.

A girl and two young boys were inside the bouncy house when a gust of wind yanked the toy off the ground on Monday.

The girl fell out as the bouncy house started to float away. However, two boys were still inside and did not fall out until the bouncy house was between 15 and 20 feet off the ground.

Taylor Seymour said it all happened when her little sister and two neighbor boys where playing inside.

She said her sister fell out as the toy went up, but the boys were trapped inside.

“It came up and jerked that way, and one of the boys fell out over the middle of the road,” she said.

She said the bounce house was about 20 feet high as a 6-year-old boy tumbled out and fell onto the asphalt.

The second boy somehow managed to hold on as Seymour said the bounce house spun around midair and flew back over toward the apartments. She said he later fell out of the bounce house and landed on the back of her car.

“I heard his head hit my car, then I heard him hit the ground, then I just heard screaming everywhere,” she explained.

Witnesses said they could not believe what they saw and watched in horror as the bouncy house took off.

“Something like you’d see in a horror film,” Seymour said.

Chief Andre Delvaux of the Moreau Emergency Squad responded to the scene.

“We were presented with two patients. One in the middle of the road, and then one in the adjacent parking lot of the apartment complex,” he said. “The family was screaming. It was very traumatic for the family.”

Steven Van Guilder is the Executive Director of the Moreau Emergency Squad. He was first on scene.

“It’s quite brutal,” he said. “It’s heart wrenching.”

Neighbors and police said the bounce house owner had the toy for several years and always properly staked it to the ground.

“Makes me want to squeeze my kids extra at night,” Van Guilder said. “It was hard to see what I seen.”

The boys were flown to Albany Medical Center with serious injuries. One boy remains in an induced coma.

Police have recovered the bounce house and stakes that were scattered around the property. They are currently investigating what happened.