Three Jenkins Relatives in Court

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Three Jenkins Relatives in Court

By Marcus Cooper. CREATED Sep 20, 2013

OMAHA - Three relatives on Nikko Jenkins were in court Friday facing serious charges connected to his alleged killing spree.  A judge denied bond for two of them.

Warren Levering, accused of being involved in the murder of a west Omaha woman, will stay behind bars for now.  A judge denied his bond Friday morning. 

Levering is accused of being an accessory in the August 21st murder of Andrea Kruger, a mother of three children.  Prosecutors said Levering was with his nephew, Nikko Jenkins, on the night of the murder and he's the one who set fire to Kruger's SUV. Police found the burned vehicle near 43rd and Nicholas.  They also say, after Kruger was killed, he ate the McDonald's food she had picked up on her way home.

A relative told KMTV that Levering was the person who drove Kruger's SUV from the scene.  Douglas County attorney Don Kleine said authorities are still investigating that scenario.

"Everything about this case is extremely cold and callous and unimaginable," Kleine explained.  "The evidence will show that there was a stop made at Lori Jenkins' house and (Levering) got a gas can from there."

The Metro Fugitive Task Force arrested Levering on the Winnebago Indian Reservation, about 100 miles northwest of Omaha, Tuesday night.

Erica Jenkins was formally charged with 1st Degree Murder in the death of Curtis Bradford on Friday afternoon.

In court she said, "How can you just charge me like this? Murder? Come on.  I'm 3 months pregnant, I'm not a murderer.  I'm pregnant, I need to move around."

When Judge Joseph Caniglia denied her bond Jenkins said, "#*@$ you very much."

18-year-old Lori Sayles, Nikko Jenkins sister, was charged with being an accessory to the murder of Curtis Bradford.  Prosecutors say she disposed of the gun that was used to kill Bradford.  She's being held on $500,000 bond.

Douglas County Attorney Don Kleine says Erica Jenkins and her brother worked together to lure Bradford to his ultimate demise.

"Certainly there was a meeting or get together to get Mr. Bradford to a certain location and then he was executed," Kleine described.

Nikko Jenkins is charged with a total of four murders in a 10-day span after being released from prison July 30th.  Prosecutors are seeking the death penalty.