Accused Serial Rapist Chaged Again; More Possible

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Accused Serial Rapist Chaged Again; More Possible

By Jake Wasikowski. CREATED Sep 23, 2013

Omaha, NE -- Christopher Ennis is now facing his 4th count of Sexual Assault.  Prosecutors added the charge three days after they charged him with two other attacks.

Within the last week, 27-year-old Christopher Ennis has stood in front of a judge 3 different times in Douglas County Jail Court, and each time prosecutors have linked him to more rapes.

Ennis is accused of raping 4 women; 2 in August 2012, 1 in November 2012, and 1 in September 2013.  All of them happened near the same area of 24th & Wirt St. in Northeast Omaha.  Prosecutors say Ennis targeted women who were walking.  The women were chocked, dragged, and raped.  DNA has linked him to these four sexual assaults.

Jaahlay Liwaru says Ennis terrorized her.  KMTV does not typically identify rape victims, but Liwaru says she needs to speak so no other women are victimized by Ennis.

"I hope he doesn't get out I really don't because that's a serial rapist,” Liwaru described. “I already knew that me was bad enough, but I knew if it was me other people would come forward too and they did.  I'm proud of them too.”

Police say he's also a suspect in three other cases dating back to 2009.  He's now being held on more than $3 million bond.  If convicted, he faces 1-50 years in prison for each sexual assault charge.