A Neighbor of 5-Year-Old Payton Benson Spotted the Suspects Leaving

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A Neighbor of 5-Year-Old Payton Benson Spotted the Suspects Leaving

By Emily Szink. CREATED Jan 16, 2014

A day after five-year-old Payton Benson is shot and killed, we talk exclusively with the eyewitness who called 911 after seeing the suspects leave the scene. 

Police say the suspects fired off multiple rounds of gun fire.  One of the stray bullets hit little Payton while she was eating breakfast in her North Omaha home. 

Two North Omaha parents hugged their children a little tighter today as they said goodbye to them as they got on the bus less than a block away from that tragic scene.

”You're afraid for your children every day, we don't let our kids go out and play,” said a North Omaha resident. 

A neighbor of the Benson family who wants to remain anonymous feels as if her kids can't be kids growing up in the neighborhood they live in.

”It’s hard, it's so difficult to keep your kids in when you do want to go out there, but you don't want a stray bullet to hit your children, because you never know what is going to happen here,” said the neighbor. 

At the time when the gunshots rang out the woman didn't know a child was involved, but her husband still thought it was his duty to help.

After he heard what sounded like 20 shots being fired instead of taking cover he rushed outside his home to try to see who was responsible for yet another violent act. 

“As soon as I heard the shots I was out the door.  I was already on the phone with 911 as they sped around from Emmet at 44th as they started coming towards me,” said the witness. 

The neighbor was able to get a look at the suspects and get a few letters off the license plate of their jeep.  His tips have immensely helped OPD in the case.  The man's wife says he was just doing what he does best, protect

”He will do everything he can to protect his family and he will do everything he can to help others,” said the neighbor. 

The family feels lucky the bullet didn't strike their home, but can't even imagine what little Payton's family is going through.

”I  thank god that it wasn't one of my children, but it was a child and that's what makes it extremely sad,” said the neighbor. 

The family says that they fear for their children every single day.  They've had to do things such as barricade their windows with things such as mattresses, box springs and even filing cabinets to try to keep the bullets out.  They say they're moving come march.