Nebraska Man Completes Grand Slam of Ultrarunning


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Nebraska Man Completes Grand Slam of Ultrarunning

By Jennifer Griswold. CREATED Nov 12, 2013

Omaha, NE - 32-year-old Tim McGargill is the first Nebraskan to complete the Grand Slam of Ultrarunning. Only 254 people have achieved this honor since the program started in 1986. The title is reserved for people who complete four of the oldest 100 mile trail runs in the U.S. 

McGargill says he first got into running just about four or five years ago. "I basically started running when the economy went bad. I was let go from my old job and this was a way for me to get some structure in my life."
Along with a team of supporters, McGargill traveled to the Western States 100 Mile Endurance Run, the Vermont 100 Mile Endurance Run, the Leadville Trail 100 Mile Run and the Wasatch Front 100 Mile Endurance Run. He ran all four events from late June to early September. He finished one in just under 24 hours. Another took him more than 30 hours. 
He says his team helped him train but also made sure he was prepared for each race. They planned every pit stop. For example, he would say "when I see you guys the first time it'll be early in the morning so if I have a headlamp or something I'm going to give that to you, get my sunglasses, let's put on sunscreen, get ready for the day."
The team was a well-oiled machine. Throughout the journey they learned an unforgettable lesson about physical and mental endurance. McGargill says, "If I work hard enough, anything is possible."
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