Boys Build Lego Ornaments, Donate Earnings to Charity

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Boys Build Lego Ornaments, Donate Earnings to Charity

By Lindsey Theis. CREATED Nov 12, 2013

Omaha, NE- The Carlson family has been building LEGO ornaments for the past five years. They sell the ornaments and ornament kits in order to help those in need.

11-year-old Brandon Carlson and 6-year old Aidan play with lego sets, and have put that play to purpose.

Brandon says he takes part in this project because, "we just think it's important that everybody can live a good life and have the same opportunities that we do."

The have 30 designs, some ranging from candy canes made from a dozen or so legos, others, like a red diamond or Star Wars plane are much more intricate.

"The penguin is my favorite," Aidan says.

Proceeds this year will go to buy items on the wish list for the Stephen Center. The family began the service project in 2009 and raised $1200. Last year, they raised $3500. In total, they have used almost 84,000 legos and sold more than 2,000 ornaments. They also sell online, and have shipped to 38 countries including Canada.

If you'd like to buy the ornaments and help the local shelters or just learn more about the charity, go to