Matt's Dream Night at Mystery Manor

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Matt's Dream Night at Mystery Manor

By Lindsey Theis. CREATED Oct 21, 2013

Omaha, NE-Mystery Manor Haunted House seems a little creepy in the daylight, and downright scary after dark. It deems itself Omaha's longest-running haunted attraction. This year it celebrated its 30 year anniversary.

The building also has a haunted history. It's been documented by paranormal experts and witnessed by the people who work there. There's also a heart warming story behind the blood-curdling screams at this haunted house. They raise money for nonprofit Matt's dream. Matt used to work at the haunted house in the dot room. In 2004, he was killed by a drunk driver on his birthday.

Monday night, all proceeds will go to Matt's Dream. You can still donate by buying presale tickets online at

Mystery Manor is located at 716 North 18th Street.