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Wayne Residents Continue To Cleanup


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Wayne Residents Continue To Cleanup

By Josh Egbert. CREATED Oct 7, 2013

Wayne, NE- Homes are destroyed and debris all over the place. It's been a few days since a tornado ripped through Wayne, NE and the cleanup efforts are now in high gear.

The east side of town is where several businesses were heavily damaged. People were out in droves Monday cleaning up what they can, salvaging some of their belonging. But if you ask those people one thing, it's that this community definitely comes together.

"We sold our house a week ago, actually last weekend and filled the storage up and here we are this weekend." says Sarah Ratzlaff.

Cleaning up isn't exactly how Sarah Ratzlaff expected to be spending her Monday.

"Most of the damage was to our grill, washer machines, washer and dryer, the other stuff we don't know, we're just kind of hauling it off and we'll assess the damage later just to get it out of here." says Ratzlaff.

Sarah's storage unit was just one of several buildings damaged in Friday's storm. Several of her employees are helping her clean up. Helping because the building they work in was also damaged.

"Severe damage to the structure and to the roof, water damage to our testing equipment inside." explains Ratzlaff.

Just down the road at the airport, more clean up.

"There's going to be a lot going on here to get things back to normal." says Stan Morrison.

Crews spent the day cleaning the runways. Cluttered with pieces of what was the nearly completed new airport terminal.

Jim and Sandy Hoffman were hired to manage the airport. They moved to town 2 weeks. Their daughter Penny said they rode out the storm in their basement.

"Dad has about a 4 inch gash to his head where some of the foundation come down, bumps and bruises, scrapes, but they're good, and that's what matters to us, that's what important." says Penny.

All that's left of the Hoffman house is the foundation. Some of their things, like the washer and dryer, are nowhere to be found.

But what is found are hundreds of volunteers, out helping their neighbors pick up the pieces.

"It's not about making money, it's not about getting ahead, it's just about helping your neighbor and getting it cleaned up so we can rebuild and move on." says Theresa Stabler.

Moving on is exactly what this town plans to do.

KMTV Action 3 News is partnering with The Salvation Army to help rebuild the Wayne community. We are collecting donations all week long.

You can bring new brooms, dust pans, work gloves, trash bags and rakes to our station at 108th and Mockingbird. We're also taking money for tornado relief. You can drop-off items through Thursday.

You can also donate at The Salvation Army at 108th and Burt.