Thousands Flock Downtown on Labor Day

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Thousands Flock Downtown on Labor Day

By Emily Szink. CREATED Sep 2, 2013

Hundreds of families looking for fun and free Labor Day entertainment flocked downtown for the Septemberfest Labor Day Parade.  KMTV Action 3 News asked some parade goers what they love about the parade. 

“Well I hope to catch a lot of candy.”

“Getting Candy.”

“Definitely Getting Candy.”

“Just watching Local 21 and getting a lot of candy”

Hundreds of kids lined the streets of downtown in hopes of filling up bags full of candy, but it was more than just the candy that brought some families to the Septemberfest Labor Day Parade.

"This is a tradition with our family and I've only missed three in all the years that it's been around and that's because I lived in Chicago at the time,” said parade attendee Kreyl McPherson. 

"Well we live downtown so this is a great event for us and we're just a few blocks away and my daughter was pretty excited because she heard that there was going to be balloons,” said parade goer Steve Torneten. 

The gigantic balloons are definitely another fan favorite at the parade.  Six gigantic balloons could be seen floating high in the downtown sky.  Many people come each year to catch a glimpse of these oversized showstoppers.

"We especially enjoy the big balloons.  We enjoy watching them try to maneuver around the street lights,” said another parade goer. 

Thousands of people lined the parade route and some first timers were amazed by the great turnout.

"I can't believe it. I knew we were running a little late, but I think we'll still get a good spot,” said another parade goer.

And if the candy or the gigantic balloons didn't lure spectators in, then it's definitely the atmosphere and friendly crowd at the Septemberfest parade. 

“All the people, because everybody is so nice when they come down.  Everybody is so friendly and you meet people from all over,” said Kreyl McPherson.