Mayor Will Have PD Investigate Fire Station Photos

Mayor Will Have PD Investigate Fire Station Photos

By Jennifer Griswold. CREATED Jul 23, 2013

Omaha, NE - Mayor Jean Stothert has instructed Fire Chief Mike McDonnell to stop his investigation into photos taken in an Omaha firehouse. 

The mayor's office said on Tuesday the police department will conduct the investigation into this matter. The mayor said in a release, "This will ensure there is a thorough and impartial investigation conducted."

One photo shows a woman wearing a dress posing on a fire truck. The other shows the woman posing with two firefighters.

An anonymous email was sent, with the photos, to several media outlets and the mayor's office. The person writing the email said the pictures were taken Saturday, July 20th. 

The writer asked, "If this woman would have fallen off, would I as a tax payer be paying for her medical bills?  What other types of activity were going on there that night?"

The mayor's office said on Monday, "We will be conducting an investigation into the photos and will take appropriate action at the conclusion of the investigation."