Police Report Claims Garcia Said "I'm an Alcoholic"

Police Report Claims Garcia Said "I'm an Alcoholic"

By Jennifer Griswold. CREATED Jul 17, 2013

Bedford Park, IL - The Illinois State Patrol pulled Anthony Garcia over on Monday for DUI and for having an illegal weapon. Illinois prosecutors agreed not to pursue those charges in order to speed up the process of bringing Garcia to Omaha. 

We've learned that wasn't the first time police say Garcia was driving drunk. In March 2013, police in Bedford Park, Illinois pulled him over in his Ferrari about 15 miles outside Chicago. 

The police report says Garcia got out of the car and threw his suit jacket on the ground and then said, "I'm a drunk, I am an alcoholic, I drink all day and night and I have been driving around in my Ferrari drinking."

Authorities say Garcia blew a .211 which is nearly three times the legal limit for driving.