Garcia's Attorneys: He Steadfastly Professes His Innocence

Garcia's Attorneys: He Steadfastly Professes His Innocence

By Jennifer Griswold. CREATED Jul 17, 2013

Omaha, NE - We continuing to work to bring you new details on Dr. Anthony Garcia, the man accused of killing four people tied to the Creighton Pathology Department. You can see our complete 10 pm coverage by playing the adjoining video. 

Today in a courtroom in Union County, Illinois, Garcia waived his extradition. It was decided he would return to Omaha within the next two weeks to face a judge here. 

Later in the day, Douglas County Attorney Don Kleine announced Garcia will likely be arraigned on Monday or Tuesday of this week. He also said Garcia could face the death penalty.  

The Illinois State Patrol pulled Anthony Garcia over on Monday for DUI and for having an illegal weapon. Illinois prosecutors agreed not to pursue those charges in order to speed up the process of bringing Garcia to Omaha. 

We've learned that wasn't the first time police say Garcia was driving drunk. In March 2013, police in Bedford Park, Illinois pulled him over in his Ferrari about 15 miles outside Chicago. You can read more about that incident, here

And we continue to scour through documents related to Dr. Garcia. Action 3 News reported on Tuesday that Creighton University sent letters to various states when Dr. Garcia sought medical licenses. Tonight we looked at why Creighton sent those letters. You can see that report by clicking here.