Video Game Store Owner Vandalized Twice in Two Months

Video Game Store Owner Vandalized Twice in Two Months

By Lindsey Theis. CREATED Jul 10, 2013

Omaha, NE- The young owner of a west Omaha game store has been the victim to vandalism twice since April.

Tuesday night, David Mitchell, the owner of the Game Repair Shop, said he walked out around midnight, two hours after his shop closes, to find his Jeep busted up. His driver side window was smashed, presumably by a brick he found in his car. One of his tires was slashed, and his seats were mangled. Inventory was missing too.

"This is probably going to cost me another $1200," he said.

Mitchell also plans now to spend another $300 installing cameras outside. He also filled out a police report, and said that OPD was by his shop Tuesday to dust for fingerprints.

The first vandalism happened in April. An argument over a X-Box 360 turned violent. Mitchell, 20, says a customer used a Guitar Hero to bust up the store.

Mitchell says the customer wanted to return a X-box saying it did not work. According to Mitchell, when he refused to take it back, the customer got mad and took a swing at him.

"He smashed up our cash register, our donation jar, it was full of glass, my shirt was all ripped up. So I got down, picked up my shotgun that I had behind the counter, cocked it, and that's when he ran out the store," says Mitchell.

The two men fought, and the customer left. He came back with a couple of buddies, and they fought again. Mitchell says he told police who did it, but the suspects told police he threw the first punch. Tests showed the X-box was in working order.

Mitchell spent about $300 installing surveillance cameras after that fight broke out with a customer. He took legal action for the cost of repairs and went on Judge Mathis. That episode hasn't aired yet.

"I'm 20. I'm just an honest guy trying to earn a buck. This isn't fair. Hopefully this is the last incident. Because you know now I'm scared to stay here by myself now," he said.