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6 Victims, 3 Shootings, 1 Night

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6 Victims, 3 Shootings, 1 Night

By Rebekah Rae. CREATED Jul 7, 2013

Omaha, NE - Six people were shot overnight in three separate shootings.  The first shooting happened at 2:50 a.m. near 43rd and Dewey.  The victim, 45-year old Ray Robinson Junior, told police he was shot after a road rage incident.  

Robinson told police he was the passenger in a car driving on the interstate.  According to Robinson, a "slow-moving" car pulled in front of his.  Robinson's driver slammed on the brakes and then passed the slow-moving car.  There was an exchange of words and that's when a gun was fired from someone in the slow-moving car.  Robinson is expected to be okay.
The second shooting occurred near 52nd and Fort around 4:13 a.m.  Police say 22-year old Dejuan Tipler had collided his SUV with a tree.  Tipler was suffering from apparent gunshot wounds when officers arrived on scene.  A witness told police a car pulled up to Tipler's, fired shots and left.  Tipler's wounds are not expected to be life threatening.
The last of the overnight shootings happened near Binney and north 24th street around 4:20 a.m.  Braylon Hardeman, 29, Darnell Matthews, 27, Delvonne Cross, 22 and Rodney Landrum, 31, were all shot and suffering non-life threatening injuries.  
All the victims told police they were outside when someone shot them.  While police were on scene investigating, another person approached officers and said, they too, had been shot, that victim did not cooperate with investigators. 
Police are investigating all the shootings.  Anyone with information is asked to call Crime Stoppers at 402-444-STOP.  You may remain anonymous and receive a cash reward.