NHS Cites Man for Lying About Rescuing a Dog

NHS Cites Man for Lying About Rescuing a Dog

By Marcus Cooper. CREATED Jun 29, 2013

OMAHA - A man is in the dog house after admitted to lying to officials about rescuing a dog.

The Nebraska Humane Society says Kenneth Harrison walked into the shelter Friday morning with a small black dog.

He told officials he found the pooch trapped inside a garbage bag inside a trash can at a car wash near 72nd and Pacific.

Someone saw the reports and called the Humane Society and told them the small dog actually belonged to Harrison and he made the whole story up.

Investigators confronted him about the call and he admitted he lied about finding the dog.

Harrison told investigators he brought the dog in because he had house training issues and was scared he would have to pay fees for surrendering the dog or pay fines for not having him licensed.

NHS says there are no fees to surrender a dog (a donation is asked for but not required).

They cited Harrison for lying to NHS Officials.