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Neighbors Band Together as Omaha Homicide Count Goes Up

Neighbors Band Together as Omaha Homicide Count Goes Up

By Meghan Matthews. CREATED Jun 18, 2013

Omaha, NE - Through emotional prayer families, neighbors and strangers embraced on a South Omaha sidewalk.

As the community grieves for the weekend shooting victims, Omaha's homicide count gets higher.

Over a 24 hour period; 6 shootings, four dead not including the suspected gunman, brought the total in 2013 so far, to 19.

"I would not use last night as a barometer of a year that's gone awry."
Police Chief Todd Schmaderer addressed the city's random shooting spree and double homicide in a Sunday news conference saying crime in Omaha is still low.
"If you would extrapolate that out, that would have put us at our lowest homicide rate, even if we had 15 more throughout the year."
Crime stats on OPD's website show numbers have gone down.
In 2012: 41 homicides. In 2011: 43 homicides.
"We have had success this year in clearing homicides."
The fatal shootings came during Jean Stothert's first weekend as Omaha mayor. During her campaign, she pledged to work with OPD and create a crime plan of her own. She vowed again this week, crime is her number one priority.
"My administration and I personally will work closely with him, it's gonna take a community effort. Crime is a problem in our entire community, this weekend is an example."