Double Homicide in North Omaha Overnight

Double Homicide in North Omaha Overnight

By Meghan Matthews. CREATED Jun 16, 2013

Omaha, NE - Tragedy didn't stop when OPD officers shot and killed the shooter in South Omaha.

Overnight, two more people were shot and killed in North Omaha. Around 1:30 AM officers responded to a shot spotter activation, for multiple shots fired in the area of North 24th and Saratoga.

They found Brendon Ford and DMarco Pope suffering from gunshot wounds. One victim was pronounced dead on the scene, another was taken to CUMC where he later died. 

Police say they are still investigating these homicides and if there's a connection between these, and the shootings in South Omaha.

The violence has neighbors in both parts of town living in fear.

The stats alone are terrifying to people. 24 hours, 6 shootings and 5 dead.

"They have no respect, no value for human live at all." Danny Robinson has been circling his North Omaha block every couple of hours. He says it makes his neighbors feel safer, after hours of violence. 

A shooting spree in South O and a double homicide out north.

"I'm in a meeting right now. I left the meeting to check on my mom to make sure she's ok. Because this happened right behind her house."

The crime scene tape is still up. Police had to block off the small neighborhood for hours. Neighbors say a fight at a party turned fatal when two men were shot and killed. 

Robinson will watch more closely but he hopes those with guns will realize the consequences before they pull the trigger.

"They're always going at it with each other. Whenever they see each other. They don't care if there's an innocent bystander is around. They have this energy inside of them and it's very negative and they want to be able to exploit it. They don't care who they affect by it."