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The CWS Games Have Started

The CWS Games Have Started

By Rebekah Rae. CREATED Jun 15, 2013

 Omaha, NE - The first game of the 2013 College World Series has finished but the fun will last for the next two weeks.

It's the only way to enjoy a game outside the stadium.  Lounging around, watching a flat screen with Ameritrade Park as surround sound.  "It's fantastic, we have a little t-v set up," says Kevin Gentile.  "There's about a 30 second delay so we can hear what happens before we see it on t-v."
This isn't Gentile's tailgate, or his t-v.  "A guy set up his t-v with a satellite dish and he was going in to watch the game and he asked us if we wanted to watch the t-v because he wasn't going to take it down."  Gentile says it's hospitality like this that keeps him coming back to Omaha every year.
Bobby Beach-Pattison remembers when the College World Series was at Rosenblatt stadium.  "This is actually my fifth time here at the CWS and every year it gets better. I love the atmosphere." 
While Beach-Pattison's group waits in line for the next game, Louisville versus Indiana, others spend their time playing games.
"It's a great atmosphere, it's fun, my family is here, we're playing and we're grilling. It's a good time and everybody is having fun," says Chad Primmer.  He is a season ticket holder and has the luxury of picking and choosing the games he'll watch.
No matter if it's a team you love or a rival.  If you're at the College World Series, you're having fun.