Social Media is a CWS Game Changer

Social Media is a CWS Game Changer

By Emily Szink. CREATED Jun 13, 2013

Omaha, Ne- Ball gloves in one hand and cell phones in the other.  Some Oregon State and UNC players explained to reporter Emily Szink just how important social media is to them during their time in Omaha. 

“Yah I try not to tweet as much as possible. But I definitely do especially at a time like this,” said UNC player Parks Jordan.

Social media is changing the way we can view the teams, coaches, players and the College World Series as a whole.  And for the most up to date CWS coverage, just check the players Twitter feeds. 

"Yah, I do I tweet a lot," said Oregon State player Matt Boyd.  

The outpouring of fan support is already evident in Omaha and across the “Twittersphere,” but for the fans who can’t make it, players are keeping them up to date on popular social media sites such as Twitter, Instagram and Vine. 

"It's awesome with all the social media now, especially Twitter.  Like I just got one this year and it's really cool for the fans and to document the time, especially at a place like's a lot of fun,” said Parks Jordan.

Many celebrities have also hopped on Twitter to wish the players well.  But, Matt Boyd of Oregon State can’t remember if he’s gotten any big name tweets…the whole trip has been a blur.

“I can't remember it. I don't really pay close attention.  It was pretty crazy the night we punched our ticket.  So you know there's a lot going on,” said Boyd.