Smaller School Board Plans to Tackle Big Issues

Smaller School Board Plans to Tackle Big Issues

By Justin Pazera. CREATED Jun 10, 2013

Omaha, NE -- In one quick swoop, nine board members sworn in. They promise to keep educating Omaha's 50,000 students at the top of its list. They also have the task of rebuilding an image that's been tarnished by deep controversy, like the hiring of a new superintendent that was caught up in a sexy e-mail scandal. This board is all new expect for three members.

Lou Ann Goding is one of the new members. "We're a different board," said Goding. "We don't carry some of those same issues maybe that were there before. We have lots of fresh faces so we're not in the same position that was maybe there in the past."

Along with new board members came a new president. Justin Wayne won on a six to three vote and new member, Lou Ann Goding, took over as vice president. They'll head up the task of an image overhaul. "I think we can," said Sarah Brumfield. "I think the community will be pretty happy with what we're going to see from this board, especially with a new superintendent coming in as well. I think it's just a great fresh start for all of us."

This really is a new playing field for this OPS Board. The first item that they want to tackle is to set a mandatory GPA for students to play sports like football. "I think our athletes can meet that challenge and when you throw that support behind there, the coaches and everyone around, the community is going to make sure everyone succeeds," said new board member Marque Snow.


The new board will hold its first full meeting June, 17th.