Mayor Suttle Says Goodbye; Stothert Set to Take Oath

Mayor Suttle Says Goodbye; Stothert Set to Take Oath

By Meghan Matthews. CREATED Jun 10, 2013

 Omaha, NE - His time as Omaha's leader has come to a bittersweet end. As Mayor Jim Suttle said goodbye to his team, he knew he'd leave city hall with his head held high.

"This is a joy, we did a lot of good things, we made a great statement this is a great team, very professional. We always tried to put the people first."

Dozens of city leaders filed into Suttle's office to wish him well and watch their 50th mayor leave his permanent mark.

Now, on the third floor of city hall, Jim Suttle's name will come down and a new name, will go up.
"They call me mayor elect, they call me councilwoman, they don't know what to call me."
Always looking ahead and always on the go, Mayor Elect Jean Stothert is ready to take on her new title.
"We've worked for a year on this campaign. I decided to run because I feel liked we've had so many missed opportunities. Omaha is a great city I feel it could be better led and better run."
For the last four weeks Stothert has re-organized the Mayor's office, hired new staff and is currently working on the city's budget.
"The 2014 budget is due to the printer on July 1, I have very little time. I spent last week in finance, we've got to make sure that we get through this budget and we have a shortfall predicted in 13. Mayor Suttle started the budget, it was balanced, now I have to finish it."
Even though Stothert isn't getting eight hours of sleep every night, she says her team is starting off on the right foot. She wants Omaha to feel proud of city government.
"I want to do a lot of town hall meetings, a lot neighborhood meetings, I want to get a lot of input."
Stothert says her number one priority is restoring confidence in the Mayor's office. She will take her oath of office Monday night at 7:30 and make history, as Omaha's first female mayor.