Storms, Hail, Tornado Sirens In Louisville

Storms, Hail, Tornado Sirens In Louisville

By Ashlee Pitzl. CREATED May 30, 2013

Cass County, NE - Thursday night brought another round of severe weather to the metro and beyond. As the Weather Alert Team kept viewers updated throughout the evening, we sent photojournalist Matt Kline into the thick of it.

He started out near 132nd and Pflug in Sarpy County.  The skies were blue with some clouds forming and the sun still peeking through.  Then darker clouds rolled in. 

Storm clouds were in the distance, but a double rainbow made Matt pause to relish in the beauty. Matt headed down Highway 50 south of Louisville toward Manly, and the hail started pounding down, dime to quarter sized.

Matt stopped at a car wash in Louisville and saw some cloud rotation.  More hail fell, pea to dime sized this time, pinging on a tin roof.  Looking east, the clouds broke and lightning appeared. Then, the tornado sirens.

When the danger was over, Matt pulled over on Highway 66, east of Lousiville. Piles and piles of hial littered the side of the road - a reminder of mother nature's fury that rolled through town.