"I can't envision a reason," says Brumback Colleague

"I can't envision a reason," says Brumback Colleague

By Jake Wasikowski. CREATED May 23, 2013

He was one of the smartest men on campus, and didn’t need recognition for his life's work.  It's how a friend and colleague describe a Creighton Univ. professor who was found murdered last week.

The morning of May 14th, police found Dr. Roger Brumback and his wife Mary dead inside their home near 114th & Shirley St.  A piano mover called 911 after he saw the front door open, and noticed a gun magazine between the screen and front doors.

Dr. Bruce Buehler knew Dr. Roger Brumback when he was the Director of Pathology at Creighton University, but knew him even better of the last few years when they wrote medical journals together.  Doctor Buehler remembers Dr. Brumback had so many credentials as a pathologist, a neurologist, a physician, an editor of journals, a published author doing all of it without needing recognition, for the love of improving lives.  Dr. Buehler met with Dr. Brumback frequently to discuss the two journals they work on.  Now, he's left searching why someone would murder such an influential mind.

"I can't envision a reason,” Dr. Buehler explained. "There are people I’ve dealt with in faculty and academics who are not nice people, he was a nice person."

Police are releasing few details.  They interviewed Dr. Buehler because of his close work with Dr. Brumback.

"Somebody in a beautiful neighborhood with a fantastic background and a fantastic career and a nice man, he and his wife are both shot, it's very scary," Dr. Buehler described.

Dr. Buehler says the hardest is that he will no longer edit any medical journals with Dr. Brumback, but will take over as editor to continue Brumback's legacy.
OPD has formed a task force with the FBI to exclusively solve this case, and the 2008 Dundee murders.  They will also determine if the two cases are connected.

If you have any information on this murder you're asked to call Omaha Crimestoppers at 402-444-7867.