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Local Disaster Relief Volunteers Understand the Devastation in OK

Local Disaster Relief Volunteers Understand the Devastation in OK

By Meghan Matthews. CREATED May 21, 2013

Omaha, NE - The look of devastation, hopelessness and fear is something Salvation Army volunteers have seen on many faces.

"I was down at Katrina; I was in Iowa at Parkersburg I was in Hallam, NE when that got leveled."

"People that look lost because, they're walking around looking for pieces of their home and people are just coming together and hugging and talking because they're just lost and confused."
Former Salvation Army volunteers Don Winkler and Angela Gillespie imagine those faces are in Moore, Oklahoma.
"The cement foundations, that's what was left... and the people were just astonished that they just had lost everything."
The Omaha Salvation Army is on standby-by, waiting for the word to send its volunteers to Oklahoma.
"We are anticipating that our national headquarters will give us a call."
The damage there is beyond imagination.
"Every disaster is just a little bit different, you know that you can go into any disaster and it might be complete devastation but it hits you differently every time", says Major Paula Fleeman with the Salvation Army.
That's why hundreds of thousands of people across the US and in Omaha want to help.
"Americans give from the heart and they give because they understand what need feels like, and I have every confidence that Omaha will surprise us as well."
People giving what they can while volunteers offer comfort. It's a shoulder to lean on while we all help rebuild a city.