Isaac Pfeifer Gets His Diploma

Isaac Pfeifer Gets His Diploma

By Meghan Matthews. CREATED May 12, 2013

Norfolk, NE - Dressed in robes of red and white, Norfolk Catholic seniors file in down the aisle and Isaac Pfeifer, is with them.

"It's been 6 months, quite a journey. You know there's been times when we weren't too sure if this was gonna be possible and it is amazing to see his dedication, determination got him this far."

Isaac's football injury left him paralyzed from the waist down. Although it changed his world forever, Isaac's goals remained the same.

"Isaac gets stronger every day. His hard work and determination got him back in the weight room, and a high school diploma."
Sitting with his classmates, friends and surrounded by family, Isaac earned his high school diploma.
"He has such determination. I think he's holding everybody up. I really do because he is so independent you know. I think he's doing more than we ever thought he could."
The big day for this graduating class of 2013 turned emotional when valedictorian Amy Miller read her speech.
Through heart wrenching words and tears Amy talked about Isaac.
"We're such a small class that when things like that happen you know everyone just pitches in and we all hold each other up and that's just what I wanted to come across in my speech."
"We've always felt the kids and the class would come around and support him and to see her share, that really speaks for the class, it's awesome."
It's been a long, tough road for the Pfeifer's and their community, but spirits are up. Finally back home, is right where they want to be.