Shorts Today, Winter Tomorrow

Shorts Today, Winter Tomorrow

By Lindsey Theis. CREATED Apr 30, 2013

Omaha, NE- It could be a record breaking start to May tomorrow with ice and snow are moving into the metro area. The last time the city of Omaha saw snow in May 1945, two inches on May Ninth. The last time it snowed on May first, 102 years ago in 1911.

Most Omahans we spoke with say they are not looking forward to it.

"I like winter but it should be over in March," Brian Johnson said.

The long winter season started on December 19th, the week before Christmas. Only six inches of snow fell, but the blizzard-like conditions made it treacherous. Another inch fell two days after Christmas. January stayed mild, a little more than an inch fell on the 22nd. Then three and a half inches fell on January 30th. It was so bad; police officers were helping stuck drivers.

February started out dry, then an inch fell on the 14th and 15th. Another major snow event came on the 21st-8.3 inches. More than 20 cars and a dozen city buses became stranded near 52nd and Dodge.

The next major event, a rarity in March, nine inches fell on the 10th. We saw several more events that month giving us trace amounts, but pushing the total to beyond 30 inches. Several days in April brought trace amounts as well, but the big weather story was the hail storm on April ninth.

Many thought we were in the clear after this weekend.

"With all the nice weather I was kind of hoping it would stay that way. I was getting the shorts out, washing the car," Anthony Vailliant said.

Unfortunately not so much. The snow is expected to come tomorrow night into Thursday morning.

"I hope you're wrong. You're probably not. Unfortunately," Bethany Walter said.

So far this winter, Eppley Airfield has measured 32.6 inches of snow. The average is 26.4.