Brilliant Minds

Brilliant Minds

By Lindsey Theis. CREATED Apr 28, 2013

Omaha, NE-There's a new business community rising in the Midwest, and Omaha is right in the heart of the action.

Young Omaha companies, many only a year or two old are in the center of the high tech, start up communities.

"We're trying to change the world," Nathan Prehiem says.

Earlier this year, Kansas City won Google’s super fast Internet connection, Google Fiber. It's is transforming Kansas into an unlikely home for high-tech start ups.

That's setting the course for successful business minds to set their sights on Omaha. For example, Mind Mixer and Nathan Preheim. Preheim, and Omaha native, left for the Silicon Valley and California coast after college. Fast forward to 2004, when he and his wife moved back to his hometown Omaha. Preheim was set on starting his on company.

"We're actually trying to accomplish great things and that in itself is the Midwest way," he said.

That company would be Mindmixer. An online version of a town hall meeting. Forums are set up for community projects, that way citizens can contribute their ideas.

"Too often, great community ideas are lost because residents don't know how or don't feel comfortable getting involved. MindMixer empowers people to improve their community, all from the convenience of their own home," Mindmixer's website says.

Jeff Slobotski is a CEO a blogger. In January 2008, began documenting his travel to other creative communities across the U.S. on his blog, Midwest to Manhattan.

It wasn’t long before his focus turned to his home state of Nebraska and the amazing talent he knew was in his own backyard. In July 2008, the two launched Silicon Prairie News to highlight entrepreneurs and creatives in their own backyards.

""Pinterest was developed by a guy in Iowa. Des Moines, Iowa. And the co-founder of Twitter is from a small town, called Clarks, Nebraska. So there's no reason that the next Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, couldn't be developed by the minds in the city," Slobotski says.

The start up community will convene for Silicon Prarie's Big Omaha Conference, May 8-10th.