Boys Charged with Attempted Sexual Assault on Playground

Boys Charged with Attempted Sexual Assault on Playground

By Jennifer Griswold. CREATED Apr 25, 2013

Omaha, NE - Omaha police say three Belvedere Elementary School boys have been charged with attempted sexual assault on an eight-year-old girl. The alleged incident happened in February.

Omaha Police tell us the three boys were eight years old at the time. The girl says they pinned her down and tried to remove her clothes. They had removed her coat and unbuttoned her shirt before her family says other students stepped in and helped.

KMTV Action 3 News contacted the girl's family. Through their attorney, they said, she is adjusting to her new school. They also said they hope this incident serves as a wakeup call for OPS, "to get the word out that parents and children deserve safer schools and a timely and appropriate response to serious incidents like this."

Omaha Public Schools issued this statement: "the student's safety is always our number one concern at OPS. We always take circumstances like this very seriously." OPS also said it always reviews its practices and procedures following these types of events.