Candidates At Odds Over Crime Stats

Candidates At Odds Over Crime Stats

By Lindsey Theis. CREATED Apr 23, 2013

Omaha, NE-Challenger Jean Stothert and Mayor Jim Suttle went at it during a debate Tuesday night at University of Nebraska at Omaha. Crime has been the political football this week.

Suttle says crime has gone down during his administration. Stothert says that's not true. She says violent crime, murder, attacks, and car stealing all have gone "up".

"He {Suttle} is saying during his administration with his leadership, crime has flat lined. And hit has not. That is false. And violent crime and property crime are up 10 percent," Stothert said.

Both candidates say their numbers came from the Omaha Police Department.

Mayor Suttle has his own crime figures. He says crime has remained flat.

"She seems to have a knack for taking a snippet here and a snippet there," Suttle said of Stothert.

KMTV went out and got numbers from the Omaha Police Department.

The newest stats coming from OPD show this: since 2008 homicides have remained steady, with a decrease in '09 and 2010. Gun assaults, city wide have decreased. Gun violence overall has gone down and in the summer months a dramatic decrease since 2007.