Mayoral GOPs Want Attack Ads Stopped

Mayoral GOPs Want Attack Ads Stopped

By Jake Wasikowski. CREATED Mar 27, 2013

The attack ads on mayoral hopefuls continue in the metro.  It seems that all the GOP candidates for mayor are fighting to keep a good name.

Republicans Dave Nabity, Jean Stothert, and Dan Welch are seemingly fighting for the same votes in next week's primary.  The latest Jean Stothert ad has two Republicans upset because they feel it implicates them in dirty politics.

"I am so disappointed in you Jean for doing that,” Welch said at a recent Mayoral forum.  “There is simply no way you can prove I did anything."

"Apologize to Dan Welch and I for trying to make us look like we're involved in that disgusting campaigning," Nabity explained.

Stothert is fighting back after a couple of attack ads, a t-shirt circulated, depicting her as a stripper, and a flyer saying she supports tax payer dollars for abortion.  Stothert says her new ad won't come down.

"That response is my way of saying let's stop all these negative attacks that all of you were involved in and let’s get moving forward to what this race should be about," Stothert described.

Nabity says his claims against Stothert are true, and documented including taking money from police and fire unions in the past.

“Everything I've said is factual, everything that I have put out is documented, and you have a pattern of saying one thing and doing another," said Nabity.

Stothert says she's never taken money from a public employee union, and the Fraternal Order of Police, which she previously received money from, is a civic group not a union.  As for the abortion claim, it comes from a questionnaire she filled out for the Nebraska Catholic Conference years ago.  She says that questionnaire clearly states, "I do not support tax dollars being used to encourage abortions over abortion alternatives".

"He (Nabity) is a desperate candidate at the end of the race that will do and say anything to win," Stothert concluded.

You can still vote early through Monday, at the Douglas County Election Commission.  The primary is Tuesday, April 2nd.