Disabled Woman Accuses Police of Assault

Disabled Woman Accuses Police of Assault

By Justin Pazera. CREATED Mar 22, 2013

 Omaha, NE -- It started with a complaint about parking and ended with three men in jail, their aunt in the hospital. Since Action 3 News broke the story Thursday night, Omaha's Police Chief has looked at the video and ordered an internal investigation.

Cell phone video clearly shows Octavius Johnson thrown to the ground by an Omaha Police officer outside the family home at 33rd and Seward on Thursday evening. You can also see the officer punching Octavius several times in the face. The officer's report says Johnson became "argumentative and agressive and had to be taken down" when he saw the family cars being towed away. His brother Juaquez tried to record it all on his own phone.

The family says officers demanded the phone but when Juaquez ran into the house to put it away, police rushed in throwing Sharon Johnson out of her wheelchair. Sharon says, "He came in and ran and he took my chair and he throws it up and just threw me back." But a police report obtained by Action 3 News shows Johnson was pushed out of her wheel chair by Juaquez as he ran from officers. Sharon says, not true. "Other police officers just climbed over me and just start going over this way and jumping all over him." said Sharon.

Johnson says police handcuffed her for a short time, arrested Juaquez and took his cell phone. The Omaha Police Department released this statement:  "Chief Schmaderer has authorized an internal investigation into the incident. The Omaha Police Department expects professionalism from all employees...there will be a comprehensive investigation into this incident....any violations will be addressed."