Expert says attacks on Stothert give her momentum

Expert says attacks on Stothert give her momentum

By Lindsey Theis. CREATED Mar 20, 2013

Omaha, NE- The candidates are squeezing in as many opportunities as they can to get their message out. Who they're focusing on has a lot to say about who may be ahead.

There are five candidates running: Mayor Jim Suttle, State Senator Brad Ashford, Councilwoman Jean Stothert, former council president Dan Welch, and businessman Dave Nabity. Stothert has publicly stated the April 2nd primary is a race for second. From there the other top vote getter would have a run-off with incumbent Mayor Jim Suttle on a May 14th general election.

Some political watchers believe Stothert has the inside track.

"It's essentially Stothert's to loose. I think she has the edge there," says Joe Jordan, of Nebraskawatchdog. Com.

Jordan says a "Stothert affect" is in play. This week negative ads and other parts of an offensive have come from different outlets against the the only female mayoral candidate.

New Wednesday, Nabity began airing ads slamming Stothert. Nabity's campaign accuses Stothert of being a "professional politician" who supported a new fee and a new regulation on contractors. Stothert's campaign has called for the ads to come down. Nabity is standing by the ads.

Also this week, a picture of fellow council member Chris Jerram holding a T-shirt, depicting Stothert as a stripper, accusing her of "stripping us of our tax dollars" surfaced. Mailers were also sent out comparing her to democrat congresswoman Nancy Pelosi, because of abortion. No one has taken credit for the t-shirt.The flyers were being distributed by Omaha Alliance for the Public Trust with a P.O. Box as the return address.

Jordan says we have seen mud slinging like this before, usually not so early in the election cycle. He says you can expect it continue.

"The voters have basically seen five candidates relatively happy with each other. In the next ten days, you are going to see the gloves really come off," he said.