Jays Fans Think Positive about Possible Move to Big East

Jays Fans Think Positive about Possible Move to Big East

By Justin Pazera. CREATED Mar 17, 2013

Omaha, NE - The energy was contagious at Creighton Sunday afternoon. Even the smallest fans were anxiously awaiting the news on where the team would be playing in the NCAA Tournament. Also on people's minds, a projected move to The Big East. Jays fan Pete Brink says, "More opportunities even beyond athletics with academics, growing as a university I think that's important and it's exciting."

Some are sentimental, knowing the rivalries in The Missouri Valley Conference and the cozy midwest feel will be gone. Jays fan Tony Amodeo says, "I love it but you can't go to those close games. No more Wichita State. No more Drake. No more Iowa. You can't drive anymore so St. Louis it is I guess. We'll play them."  

Fans know its a step-up in class for Creighton. The Jays will play such powerhouses as Georgetown in Washington D.C., St. John's in New York City and Villanova in Philadelphia. Games however that will be farther away.

Jays fan Katie Christenson says, "Yes they'll be away but we have such a strong support at Creighton - alumni and fans I think we're going to have a good representation out east ."