Nebraska Soldiers Back Home After Deployment

Nebraska Soldiers Back Home After Deployment

By Justin Pazera. CREATED Mar 14, 2013

Lincoln, NE - There were plenty of hugs to go around as two units from the Nebraska Army National Guard came home from Afghanistan. For some, a lot has changed, additions to the family, children are a little older. Capt. Kevin Janousek says, "They grew up pretty quick but it was nice, we tried to keep in touch by Skype."

Now, it's face to face. For Nick and Jennifer Gruber, it's all about the new face in the family. John Harrison is only a few months old.  Nick was able to make it back in time to see his son come into the world. Gruber says, "Came back here for two weeks, he was born about midway through the two week vacation."

Backpacks and suitcases were waiting to be unpacked from the long trip. In Afghanistan, units were engaged in aviation missions and setting up a business plan that would help stimulate the Afghan economy through agriculture. Soldiers helped build cool storage facilities for fruits and vegetables.

They even pointed out how a farmer's market could benefit afghan families, just like they do here, the simple things in life that make living on American soil a little easier. Lucas Poppe says, "Not walking on rock all the time, nice flat surfaces, it's pretty good."