Taylor Swift Kicks Off "Red" Tour in Omaha

Taylor Swift Kicks Off "Red" Tour in Omaha

By Lindsey Theis. CREATED Mar 13, 2013

Omaha, NE- A packed house of screaming teenagers and their parents cheered Taylor Swift as she kicked off her "Red" tour in Omaha Wednesday night.

"Omaha, Nebraska welcome to the very first night of the "Red" tour!," Swift shouted to the crowd after her first song.

The 23 year-old pop-country star started her show playing a bedazzled red guitar and singing from a ruby encrusted microphone.

"You just relate to her, she seems awesome," said Merika With, a fan who drove from Chicago to see the show.

We met fans who traveled from as far as Colorado and California to see Swift.

This is the second time Swift has kicked off a tour in Omaha. Her 2011 tour also started at the Centurylink. It sold nearly 27,000 tickets, grossed nearly 2 million dollars, and was among the top 200 concerts in the world that year.

Swift will also play Omaha's Centurylink thursday night. Both of the concerts are sold out, but earlier this evening the Centurylink tweeted they did have a few seats left at the box office.