Safety Campaign Targets Teens, Prom and Graduation

Safety Campaign Targets Teens, Prom and Graduation

By Carrie Murphy. CREATED Mar 12, 2013

Omaha, NE - Local law enforcement agencies want you to remember one phone number as prom and graduation season gets close, 1-866-MUSTB21.

Posters with that phone number will be posted in junior and senior high schools, asking students, teachers, anyone, to report underage drinking parties and prevent dangerous and sometimes fatal accidents.  "Losing one life in an alcohol-related crash is one too many, yet we see it time and time again," said Nebraska State Patrol Commander Lt. Colonel David Sankey.

Statistics from the Nebraska Office of Highway Safety show nearly 1,500 underage drivers have been involved in alcohol-related crashes between 2007 and 2011.  In fifty of those accidents, someone died.

Sarpy County Sheriff Jeff Davis estimates hundreds, even thousands of teens get ticketed for MIP every year.

Graduations and prom are milestones that can become dangerous celebrations. "These are events our teens have planned for, worked hard for and deserve to celebrate," said Lt. Colonel Sankey. "But celebrating these events with alcohol is not a right of passage."

Calls made to 1-866-MUSTBE21 are anonymous.